Friday, June 17, 2011

We Love Waterfalls

One of our favorite things to see when hiking in the wilderness is waterfalls. Perhaps it’s because we live in south Florida where the only hills are interstate overpasses. We will hike all kinds of steep, rough trails to get to falling water, most times we aren’t disappointed. We could spend all day resting peacefully by the sound of rushing water.

Here are some photos from our many trips.
Marguerite Falls, Greenville, TN – Sept.2009

Cumberland Falls, KY – June 2007
Grizzly Falls, Kings Canyon N.P. CA, - Oct. 2006

Eagle Falls, Cumberland S.P., KY – Sept 2001
Amicalola Fall,s State Park, GA – Sept 2001
Alberta Falls, Rocky Mnt. N.P., CO -June 2000
Sabbaday Falls, Kancamagus Hwy., NH -Sept 1997
Yellowstone Falls, WY- Sept 1996


  1. I've seen the one at Cumberland. The rest are even more beautiful. I need to plan a few more trips.

  2. New Hampshire in the fall is great & you still need to do Yellowstone.