Sunday, September 19, 2010

Snorkeling in Alaska

I know, who does that! Snorkeling is for places like the Caribbean, but my husband wanted to take this excursion in Ketchican after reading reviews and seeing pictures on flickr. I went along reluctantly (I'm not a great swimmer & I hate cold water) and now we can brag that we did it. It was a cloudy, cold and misty day to begin with and they provided wetsuits to protect us from the 52 degree water temps (it was a chore squeezing into them) but I still froze about halfway through the trip. There had been alot of recent rain & the runoff had caused a bit of cloudy sediment in the water, but we still got to see jelly fish, urchins, and rare starfish we'd never seen before. After, I had 2 other women trying to help me peel off that damn wetsuit, what a struggle! You can see more photos on my husband's flickr photostream.
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